Conservative Clean Energy Champion

I am a conservative Republican and I support solar. It’s good for business and it saves money. Conservative means to conserve and that is compatible with conserving the environment.
— Emmett Hanger

Thank you, State Senator Emmett Hanger, for protecting ratepayers. Emmett is fighting for cheaper, cleaner, and safer energy. That’s why Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future has named Emmett Hanger a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.

  • State Senator Emmett Hanger is fighting to empower Virginians to lower their utility bills for Virginia residents.

  • Emmett Hanger is working to develop commonsense energy solutions for Virginia that advance the state’s clean energy economy, create jobs, and attract investment.

  • Senator Hanger is paving the way for our nation’s clean energy future by advancing solutions that emphasize clean, renewable energy and energy waste reduction.

  • A strong supporter of an all-of-the-above energy portfolio, Senator Emmett Hanger, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has led efforts to increase deployment of homegrown, innovative and affordable renewable energy technologies that create jobs and spark economic investment in Virginia. Hanger sponsored Senate Bill 573 in 2018 that promotes and incentivizes the creation of clean energy jobs. Hanger also supports local schools going solar to save money on electric bills allowing for more money to be used on students.

  • Senator Hanger has been a leader among his fellow conservatives in the Senate on renewable energy policy and is an advocate for solar energy development. Hanger supported Senate Bill 1769 in 2019, which expanded net metering for customers served by electric cooperatives.

  • Senator Emmett Hanger is a strong conservative leader and has been a vocal supporter of conservative energy policy solutions that emphasize clean, renewable energy. It’s policies like these that spark true innovation, create jobs, protect ratepayers and grow the economy in states like Virginia. For that, Emmett Hanger is a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.

Thank you Emmett Hanger

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