Mayor mark huizenga

Mayor - City of Walker, MI

Conservative Clean Energy Champion


Thank you Mayor Mark Huizenga for protecting ratepayers against the monopoly utilities. Mark is fighting to give us more electricity choices – so we can get cheaper, cleaner, and safer energy. That’s why Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future has named Mark Huizenga a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.

  • Mayor Mark Huizenga is fighting to lower utility rates for Michigan residents.

  • Mark Huizenga is working to develop commonsense energy solutions for Michigan that advance the state’s clean energy economy, create jobs, and attract investment.

  • As Mayor of Walker, Michigan, Mark Huizenga has demonstrated significant leadership on the local level to reduce energy waste and save ratepayers money. As a founding member of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, he has also helped promote conservative energy solutions across the state.

  • Mark Huizenga is a strong conservative leader and has been a vocal supporter of conservative energy policy solutions that emphasize clean, renewable energy. It’s policies like these that spark true innovation, create jobs, protect ratepayers and grow the economy in states like Michigan. For that, Mark Huizenga is a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.


Thank you Mark Huizenga

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