State Representative TOm Barrett

Michigan - HD 71

Conservative Clean Energy Champion


Thank you State Representative Tom Barrett for protecting ratepayers against the monopoly utilities. Tom is fighting to give us more electricity choices – so we can get cheaper, cleaner, and safer energy. That’s why Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future has named Tom Barrett a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.

  • State Representative Tom Barrett is fighting to lower utility rates for Michigan residents by taking on the monopoly utilities who are making billions in profits on the backs of ratepayers.

  • Tom Barrett is working to keep the tax assessor away from your home energy improvements. He’s the chief sponsor of legislation to prevent the state from placing new taxes on your home energy systems.

  • Tom is protecting your property rights. It’s your land, your rules. Tom respects that principle, particularly for Michigan farmers who want to get the most out of their land by using onsite energy equipment to save on utility costs. For many rural landowners, energy is a cash crop.

  • A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Tom Barrett understands the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. That’s why he is dedicated to locally generated power that makes the grid more secure, creates local jobs, and eliminates the need to buy oil from madmen who hate us.

  • Tom Barrett is a true conservative who time after time has been there for Michigan ratepayers. The monopoly utilities have spent millions building an army of the most powerful lobbyists in Lansing. Tom’s been threatened, bullied and faced relentless pressure - yet he has consistently stood on the side of ratepayers. For that, Tom Barrett is a Conservative Clean Energy Champion.


Thank you Tom Barrett

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